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The advent of internet communications, the development of a unified global market economy, and the rise of global issues like climate change, require that everyone, Christian and non-Christian, learn to participate effectively in cross-cultural and international relations. Essentially, this is what is meant by “Global Citizenship”. Without doubt, Christ had a global vision for his Gospel. Believers are to lift up their eyes beyond their local contexts, and see a church that stretches to the utter most parts of the earth, a church which includes every tribe and tongue and nation. As never before in our history, it is now possible to see this global vision made manifest.

The Program: 6 Key Aspects


Students from Grade 11 and 12 travel to southern Mexico on a six-week educational odyssey, learning with peers and with highly qualified Christian mentors.


The GCP uses the excitement and adventure of international travel to increase the learning potential in various academic, cultural, and discipleship courses.


The integrated and intensive nature of the GCP means that students can complete more credits in a reduced amount of time.


By living in a close and accountable Christian community, students have opportunity for profound personal growth. Students return from the GCP more socially and spiritually mature.


In addition to academic and cultural development, students serve underprivileged children in Mexico, which often inspires a life-long commitment to volunteerism and missions.


“Giving back” through Global Citizenship is both fun and extremely gratifying. Through sweating together at a worksite, or playing soccer on the beach, students develop relationships that will last a lifetime.


How To Contact Us

ContactGordon and Joanne Robideau
Directors of Global Citizenship

Phone: (250) 862-2377
Write:  907 Badke Rd, Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1X 5Z5

Learn about the adventures of the GCP 2011 team at their blog!


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By giving to the Global Citizenship Program you will directly benefit needy children in Mexico, as well as contribute to a top-notch character development program for Canadian teens.

We offer unique and creative ways to contribute where everybody benefits.  [Learn More...]

Each year the Global Citizenship Program travels to Mexico in late April/early May, and returns to Kelowna in early June. The program is approximately 6 weeks in length. Specific flight bookings will be made early in the new year.

The total program cost for the HCOS Global Citizenship Program is $3,700. This does not include student spending money for gifts and incidentals. The total price breaks down as follows, though prices change slightly from year to year:

Airfare and Insurance
Accommodations and Food
Local Travel Expenses
Attractions and Tours
Building Projects
Administration and Staffing


A film documentary of the Global Citizenship Program followed our 2009/2010 students to spread the word on what this amazing program is all about. To learn more, visit the official website for "Global Citizens: The Movie".

Global Citizens: The Movie, a Silas Allen Film


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